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Academic and Professional Staff 2014 Contact


67.1 A professional staff member may progress through the classification levels by the following means:

     (a) A written application for a review of the classification due to the changed requirements of the position and irrespective of the incumbent’s performance; or

     (b) Positions may be reviewed and reclassified through the normal internal process and, if disputed by the incumbent, reviewed by the Classification Review Committee; or

     (c) Reclassification to a higher level through progressive job redesign involving a significant degree of increased responsibility or job complexity.  Reclassification to a higher level will normally be at the minimum step of the new level; or

     (d) By appointment to a vacant position through the University’s recruitment and selection processes.

67.2 Where the current requirements of the position indicate that a review of classification of the position is appropriate, an updated position description and review proposal form are to be prepared in the preferred University format, signed by the staff member, approved by the supervisor and Head of Administrative Unit, and then forwarded with a letter of request for review of the classification to the appropriate University officer, who shall forward it to the appropriate Classification Committee for application of clause 66.  Lack of budgetary provision for payment at a higher level should reclassification proceed from this process shall not prevent the forwarding of a reclassification claim to the Classification Review Committee.

67.3 Where the content of a position description, or a proposal that forms the basis of a reclassification application, is in dispute the position description may be referred to a Position Description Review Committee made up of one University HR representative and one NTEU representative along with the supervisor and staff member.  The Committee will attempt to reach agreement on the position description so that it can be processed by the relevant Classification Committee.  Where the position description is subsequently reclassified by the Classification Committee, the date of effect of the reclassification will be no later than two months from the time discussions between the supervisor and staff member began.  Should the Position Description Review Committee fail to reach agreement on the position description the staff member may request that the matter be referred to the Dispute Resolution Procedure at clause 12.