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Monash University Managers' Association

About the Association

The Managers' Association is a collective of mid-level managers from throughout the University community, which aims to facilitate co-operation and communication across all campuses, faculties and divisions of the University

The Association holds monthly meetings to provide a forum for communication and interchange of ideas on a wide range of operational and managerial issues. Because of its broad cross-section of membership and experience, the Association is able to provide valuable feedback to senior managers on a range of matters. Our members participate in a number of decision and policy-making activities of the University, and are active in pursuing issues of interest.


The Association was formed in the early 1970s as a small group of the non-academic managers from the laboratory-based departments, and was initially called the Laboratory Managers' Association. As the University grew the roles of our members evolved and changed, and in order to reflect this shift the name was eventually changed to the Managers' Association. The membership was also expanded to include managers from other areas of the University. Today the Association has approximately 50 members, representing nine faculties and several administrative divisions.

What we do

Our monthly meetings are addressed by guest speakers from key areas of the University, and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions and put their views on matters of interest or concern. In addition, the Association holds occasional social functions including an annual End-of-Year celebration. The Association also organises special forums on a number of topics that affect members, and provides input to various committees and working groups throughout the University. More information about our activities

How to contact us

Enquiries and official correspondence to the Managers Association should be directed to the Secretary or the Chair, listed on the Contacts page.

Membership and Further Information

Download the Managers' Association brochure / Membership form

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