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Activities - Monash University Managers' Association


The Managers' Association holds regular, monthly meetings from February through to November in each year.

The meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month in one of the larger meeting rooms in the University Offices at the Clayton Campus. The normal starting time is 3:00pm.

From time to time, a meeting may be held in a faculty venue or at an off-campus location depending on the main topic of the meeting or guest speaker.

University Officers wishing to address the Association at a meeting should contact the Secretary.

Corporate presentations

The Association has a general rule that precludes any form of promotional presentation at its meetings unless it is particularly related to a major university project or deemed by the membership to be of sufficient interest to warrant an invitation by the Association.

Social Functions

From time-to-time, the Association holds specific social functions for its members to meet on a less formal basis.

A regular event on the calendar is the Annual Christmas Party, usually in the form of a luncheon, that provides an opportunity for the members to invite their assistants who have helped them throughout the year. The Association also invites other university officers with whom we have regular contact or have attended our meetings as a guest speaker.

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