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Academic and Professional Staff 2014 Contact


15.1 The University and staff may enter into PBCs with a threshold annual salary and loadings (including the cash value of any University-provided motor vehicle and employer superannuation contributions) of at least $206,891 (at Level E or above) or $142,096 (at HEW 10 or above). These threshold salary levels will be indexed in line with the salary increases made over the nominal life of this Agreement, provided that all PBCs entered into prior to the certification of this Agreement will remain valid under this clause if salary and loadings fall below the threshold during the life of this Agreement.

15.2 Where the University intends to offer a person a PBC it will provide the person with access to a copy of this Agreement and advise that he/she may elect to have a Representative negotiate the contract.

15.3 All provisions of this Agreement will apply to a PBC staff member except the provisions of this Agreement relating to redeployment, redundancy, consultation about change, discipline, unsatisfactory performance, research misconduct, performance management, salary packaging, grievance, the accrual of annual leave, the application (or taking) of annual leave, annual leave loading, salary increases, overtime/TOIL, termination of employment and/or mode of employment, continuing (contingent funded) employment and/or fixed-term notice, renewal and severance. Provided that the minimum leave entitlements, termination and notice provisions will be in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Work Act 2014.

15.4 A PBC may set out performance criteria or targets, which must be met within defined timeframes or circumstances.