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  • Ensure chairs and members of recruitment/selection panels are familiar with and have completed training on the University's recruitment and appointment procedures which include equal opportunity considerations.

  • Include in position advertisements information on University policy that may be attractive to women such as the generous maternity leave provisions, flexible work arrangements and career development opportunities for women.

  • Pro-actively search for female candidates by using targeted search plans. Search plans involve going beyond the normal tools used in the early stages of recruitment and selection and using less formal networking contacts to alert potential applicants to vacant positions. Refer to the guidelines for targeted search plans.

  • Include in induction processes for staff at all levels information about the University's policies and procedures that support women in the workplace.

  • When necessary, establish a departmental/unit hiring plan with specific, concrete goals and timetables for the recruitment and hiring of women.

  • Ensure selection panels comply with the University's policy regarding gender representation - as close to equal representation as practicable with a minimum of one third each. Academic selection panels should include appropriate academic and professional staff.


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