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Trades And Services Staff – Building And Metal Trades Staff 2009 Contact
Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Trades and Services Staff Building and Metal Trades Staff) 2009
Part 2 Conditions Of Employment
Section 3 Salaries and Related Matters

29. Payment of Salaries and Deductions

29.1 Salary will be paid fortnightly directly into any bank, building society or credit union account nominated by the staff member or, if the University so determines, by cheque. On the written authority of a staff member, the University will make deductions from a staff member's salary for employee superannuation contributions and may make other deductions at the staff member's request.

29.2 Trades and Services Staff members will receive a statement of details of salary payment including gross salary, tax payable, any higher duties allowance, arrears and any deductions and current annual leave and long service leave accruals but not the staff member's bank account details.

29.3 Where a pay-day falls on a public holiday observed by the University salaries shall be paid on the preceding day on which the university is open for business.

29.4 With four weeks' notice a Trades and Services Staff member shall be entitled to up to 12 weeks' advance payment for periods of paid leave in excess of 10 days.

29.5 Where a staff member's salary classification changes, that date of effect of the change will become the date for future incremental increases. Payment of salary increases will be made on or as soon as possible after the date of the increase. Where an increase has effect from 1 January payment may be made on the first pay-day in February.

29.6 Upon notification by the staff member, an underpayment to a staff member will be corrected in the next pay period or, by agreement between the staff member and the University in special circumstances or cases of hardship, within two days.

29.7 The University will advise and consult with a staff member when an overpayment has been identified. The University will inform the staff member of the amount of the overpayment and will write to the affected staff member about the options available for repayment. The timeline for repayment shall be of reasonable length, having regard to the extent of the overpayment. The staff member and the University will negotiate in good faith with the aim of reaching an agreed repayment arrangement, after which the University may deduct the overpayment from the staff member's salary or termination payments in accordance with the agreed repayment arrangement. If such an agreement cannot be reached then the procedures of the Dispute Settling Procedures under clause 12 of this Agreement will be applied to achieve an outcome that allows the University to recover the overpayment, after which the University may deduct any overpayment from the staff member's salary or termination payments accordingly.