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Staff Equity and Diversity

"Our staff and students will reflect the world we are working towards: diverse, inclusive, innovative and sustainable" (Vision, Focus Monash 2015-2020).

At Monash, we are committed to seeking talent wherever it may be, to continue to attract, develop and retain the best academic and professional staff, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social or economic circumstance and to support them to achieve excellence. One of the guiding principles that underpins the actions and decisions of the University is to act inclusively, ethically, transparently and with generosity of spirit.

As a leading Australian university with an international reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching and research, we recognise that honesty, fairness, mutual respect and the responsible exercise of power are fundamental to achieving equity for all.

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Dr. Lucie Joschko
Senior Advisor, Policy and Staff Equity
+61 3 9902 0246

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