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Workplace Policies and Procedures

Remuneration and Benefits

All leave

Annual leave

Defence Reserve Forces Leave

Excess annual leave

Family Violence leave

Long service leave

Pre-natal and Parental Leave

Sick and Carer's Leave

Special leave

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Staff development

  • Academic promotion for:

Candidates level B

Candidates levels C-E

Committees levels C-E

Rehearing process levels B-E

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Leaving Monash

International Staffing and Staff Mobility

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Workforce Management

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Staff recruitment

  • Procedures for:

Recruitment of fixed-term and continuing staff

Recruitment of casual and sessional staff

Recruitment to an advertised position of professor(Level E)

Direct appointments

Recruitment to an eminent professorial appointment

Other appointments

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Staff wellbeing

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Conduct and compliance

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         International travel

         Conflict of interest examples

         Monash University Ethics Statement

         Gender Equity

         Staff Equity and Diversity


HR authorities & delegations

         HR Authorities & Delegations Register

         Manager Approval Delegations

The HR Delegations Register is currently under review


Other policy & agreements

         Enterprise agreements

         Policy bank

         Monash South Africa policy

         Monash Sunway policy


Further information

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