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Retention and Disposal Authority

The Retention and Disposal Authority is used to determine the proper disposition of university records. The Authority is based on the LOCATE Classification Scheme, however it can be used to assess any university records.

The terms in the Retention and Disposal Authority are arranged in a hierarchy with the following levels:

  • Functions - the broadest unit of  business performed within the university
  • Activities - major tasks or areas of service undertaken within each function
  • Disposal Classes - classes of documents/records with the same retention and disposal sentence

For each Disposal class, the Authority shows:

  • Brief title and description of records covered by the class
  • Disposal Actions recommended for records in the class
  • Authority - the disposal authority behind the Disposal Class

For clarification about how to implement this Authority, or further advice on the disposal of records not included here, contact

Jan Getson
Archives Manager
T: 61 3 9905 3674