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Scholarship student enters underworld

30 September 2009

Wendy Mason
Wendy Mason

Monash PhD student Wendy Mason from the School of Geosciences has received a Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative (VeRSI) student bursary to help fund her participation in the eResearch Australasia 2009 conference in Sydney in November.

The conference will bring together Australian and international researchers to discuss eResearch and the challenges raised by a world without boundaries.

Wendy will present on a new way to access the geodynamics software tool called Underworld, which is being developed by Monash and VPAC as part of AuScope, used to model geological processes in two or three dimensions.

Through her work as an Underworld eResearch Officer Wendy has worked with the Australian Research Collaboration Service to make the software tool more accessible to geoscientists who may have had little experience working with supercomputer facilities.

The Monash e-Research Centre has also provided on-going advice and expertise to Wendy and other Underworld users, including installation of Underworld on the Monash Sun Grid.

"I'm looking forward to the opportunity to present this work at eResearch Australasia, and engage with the wider eResearch community," she said.

Wendy is also using Underworld in her PhD research, in which she is researching how subduction zones evolved into what we see on Earth today.

"I use Underworld to model what may happen when buoyant material, such as island chains, interacts with these tectonic boundaries," she said.

Wendy will present on her PhD research using Underworld, with support from VPAC, at the SC09 Early Adopters PhD Workshop in Oregon, US in November, which has been organised by Professor David Abramson and Wojtek Goscinski from the Monash eResearch Centre.

For further information on Underworld contact Wendy Mason at