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Professional Staff – Replacement Guarantees Hew Levels 5 - 8

Job Categories Endorsed Suppliers Guarantee Period                       
(from commencement)
Replacement Period                                          
(from termination of original candidate)
Hew Level 5 - 8 Hays Specialist 6 months 3 months
Hoban Recruitment 6 months 3 months
Hudson 6 months 3 months
Randstad 6 months 3 months
Slade 6 months 3months
  1. Where within the guarantee periods specified above, employment is terminated by the University for reasons other than retrenchment or redundancy, or the candidate voluntarily leaves the position, the agency shall find a replacement candidate at no charge
  2. Where the agency is unable to replace the employee within the replacement periods specified above, the agency shall refund Monash the placement fee
  3. If the replacement role is subsequently changed or cancelled, Monash will be offered a credit note for the placement fee that will be valid for any services the supplier provides, subject to negotiation with the hiring area
  4. Negotiation between the hiring area and the agency may be required if there are special or extenuating circumstances that impact on the replacement guaranteee conditions

Version 1.4       9/11/2010