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Selection & Remuneration Committee

Standing Committee of Council


1.    Membership


1.1     Appointment of Chair

Chancellor (ex officio)


1.2     Current Membership



Member Name

Chancellor (ex officio)

Dr Alan Finkel (Chairperson)

At least three members of Council who are not employees of the university and who have relevant business, human resource management or financial experience.

Ms Louise Adler

Mr Ian Pyman

Dr Leanne Rowe

Ms Lesley Boston

The Vice-Chancellor & President  ex officio (except for matters involving the Vice-Chancellor’s own appointment or remuneration)

Professor Ed Byrne


Senior Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr Peter Marshall


1.3     Duration of term


1 year or until Membership Committee and Council have considered and approved revised memberships, whichever is the latter.


Each year Councillors are invited to nominate for membership of Committees of Council.  Nominations are considered by Membership Committee and recommendations on membership forwarded to Council for its consideration.


1.4     Co-option of members

The Committee may not co-opt members.


2.    Terms of reference

2.1       To provide to Council quality assurance relating to the integrity and probity of the university's remuneration policies and practices.

2.2       To develop, for Council approval, policy for the recruitment and appointment of senior staff, including involvement of Council in the selection and appointment of senior staff.

2.3       To assess the performance of and determine the remuneration of the Vice-Chancellor, approve the remuneration policy for members of the Vice-Chancellor's Group, and for other senior staff, and to monitor the application of that policy.

2.4       To prepare for Council an annual statement of senior staff remuneration which will form the basis for the relevant statement in the university's annual report.

2.5       To approve the policy for salary loadings, where applicable, to professors and others.


3.    Meetings


3.1     Frequency of meetings


As required. 


3.2     Quorum


Given the number of members is six, the quorum is three.


4.    Reporting to Council


The Chancellor will provide a verbal report on the outcomes of matters considered by the Committee including the Vice-Chancellor's agreed annual performance plan (February meeting of Council) and the Vice-Chancellor's performance review (December meeting of Council).



Contact Information:




Dr Alan Finkel AM

Mr Peter Marshall

Phone: (03) 9905 2007

Phone: (03) 9902 9897